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LE13: Modellistica Oceanografica Numerica

Paolo Oddo


Descrizione del corso:
This course provides an intermediate-level introduction to the field of general circulation models applied to the ocean
• Introduction to Ocean Numerical Modeling: Historical setting; • Introduction to Ocean Numerical Modeling: horizontal and vertical discretizzation;
• Introduction to Ocean Numerical Modeling: large scale and regional approaches;
• The basic equation, physical and dynamical approximations in the ocean: From Navier Stokes to Primitive Equations;
• Radiation, planetary boundary layer and their parameterization in OGCMs;
• Finite difference methods: discretization, derivatives and accuracy;
• From large to coastal scales: the nesting issue;
• Operational oceanography and rapid environmental assessment
• The NEMO / POM models:
• Simulating known analytical solutions using the Princeton Ocean Model
• Simulating The wind driven Circulation
• Numerical reproduction of the Ekman Spiral
• Numerical representation of Free Gravity Waves

Basic knowledge of mathematics, physics and numerics; courses (Atmospheric dynamics, Ocean dynamics, Earth-system dynamics, GFDI).

Libri di testo di riferimento:
Slides and notes delivered by the lecturer

Regole del corso:
Participation is mandatory and students are expected to play an active role during classes.
Final exam 100% Oral exam (end of course)